Starting in 1986 in a family garage with Mr. Mirko Stuhne as the only worker, ALATI STUHNE has grown into a successful and globally recognized company.

In that time, ALATI STUHNE has transformed from a subcontractor to an independent producer, constantly developing its expertise with the implementation of new technologies.

The first employee was hired in 1989 and that same year, Mrs. Zvjezdana Stuhne joined the company to manage the company finances.

In the early 90s, the first CNC machines were bought together with expanding the existing production space, leading to the possibility of exporting to foreign markets.

By 2002, the company had outgrown the garage and moved to a new 350 m² facility behind the family house. During that same year, the daughter Maja joined the company as a production engineer.

The first milestone was reached in 2007 when, due to the need for expansion following increased customer demands, the company moved its mould and blank production, together with its headquarters, to new 1,200 m² facility in Pregrada, leaving the finish equipment production in the old facility.

The second milestone was in 2009, when the Management decided to appear internationally and develop its customer base. To provide the maximum safety and quality of service, ALATI STUHNE implemented the quality standard ISO 9001 in the same year.

There was a „new entry“ in 2010, when the son, Miran, joined the company and started work as a production engineer.

The latest milestone was reached at the end of 2014, when the Management realized that, again the capacity could no longer meet the requirements and began the latest investment project that finished in 2018.